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◀break the plans we had before, let's be unpredictable▶

☆if you hate me, i probably hate you more☆
i wanna talk about this five boys, they are the janoskians but for me they are just five boys from australia making their dream come true. There’s a little possibility of them coming to argentina and i really wanna meet them but i know i won’t do it, so if you have ever met the boys, think in every single girl like me who loves them with all her heart and can’t meet them please.
The Janoskians: I really really love you guys with all my life you make me smile when i’m sad just a little and stupid video can make me smile are do you know it? you guys really changed my life and i’m completely gratefulI wish one day I could meet you guys
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 with 10 notes
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